Femininity Booster

For a recovered sensuality …

Lack of desire? Occasional or recurrent frigidity? Not at all in the mood, tonight? Why do I feel nothing? ... are as many sexual issues often left without an answer, or hard to solve. As a matter of fact, it is not always so obvious to talk about it or to go see a specialist of "that thing" or even to spread out your sex life…

For a few years I have developed a specific interest in feminine energy circuits after having finalized a method permitting to optimize the vital energy flow driving to great shape. I have understood how to connect the energy mechanisms permitting to revive desire and feel the most of pleasure.


In a couple of sessions (sometimes one is enough), my technique permits women to (re) discover or get back to sense wakening and sensitivity during sexual intercourse. This can be done through alchemy of Ayurvedic practices and Taoist acupressure.
Various mental blocks originating from a lack or deficiency of libido can now be forgotten.

DFor a lot of women and after one session their libido is improving and they can happily discover pleasure linked to sexuality.

The Femininity Booster is addressed to :
- Frigid women or women losing their libido,
- Women feeling little pleasure linked to sexuality,
- All women wishing to intensify their feelings,
- All women willing to spice up an evening and wishing their femininity and their sexuality to reach their best!

For a session, please contact me directly.