Energy balancing

The perfect balance...

I have developed a personal technique that I call "Energy balancing and chakra harmonization".

This new method of well-being optimizes vital energy flow and leaves you feeling in really great shape.

Stemming from ancient Indian, Taoist, Buddhist knowledge and wisdom, my method is at the crossroads of Chinese Energy Medicine precepts introduced 5000 years ago, and of Indian Ayurveda (life science) which has been practiced for over 7000 years.

Each customized session is a combination of massages*, palpations and lissage together with Taoist "Tien Chen" acupressure to evacuate "bad energy" and to recharge and spread positive energy.

These sessions based on ancestral knowledge are recommended for addressing various modern issues such as: stress, breakdown, fatigue, insomnia, infertility, lack of libido… They are also adapted for people in good shape who want to maximize their potential. By reactivating energy circuits, I can promote well-being, relaxation and "letting go" to help reach that elusive state of contentedness and lightness that everyone is looking for.

Packed full of genuine ancestral practices, a session is a journey of total relaxation reconnecting body and soul.

5 types of sessions :

1 - Holistic Energetic Balancing and Chakra Harmonization :

Optimizing the circulation of the vital energy, acting on various meridians and energy centers. Comprehensive approach of body and soul;

2 - Targeted Energetic Healing :

Recommended for people requiring the targeting of one or several specific aches and pains;

3 - Holistic Energetic Balancing and Chakra Harmonization with Targeted Energetic Healing :

Combination of both sessions 1 & 2 as described above;

4 - Holistic Energetic Balancing and Chakra Harmonization :
With one of those options:

- Energetic Assessment and Coaching: Appraisal of one’s energetic condition, chakras and personalized recommendations;
- Femininity Booster : Recommended for all women who lost their libido, enjoy little or no sexual pleasure and every woman wanting to enhance their sensations;
- Fertility Booster: Recommended for all women trying to get pregnant and for all men suffering from low fertility issues;

5 - Holistic Energetic Balancing and Chakra Harmonization - Premium Offer :
With one of those options :

- Body Massage with Precious Oils: Personalized full body massage using rare organic oils;
- Tibetan Sound Massage: Putting the body into vibration using Tibetan singing bowls;
- Tailored Session: multi-sensorial experience based on the feeling I get from one’s vibrations during the session;

For a session, please contact me directly.

*"Conformément à la loi du 30 avril 1946, au décret n°60665 du 4 juillet 1960, à l'article L 489 du Code de Santé Publique et au décret n°96-879 du 8 octobre 1996, il ne s'agit nullement de massage médical ou de kinésithérapie, mais de techniques de bien-être".