Romain Camus

As a kid and by instinct, I discovered energy circuits by putting my hand on my pet's belly, a female cat named Mao. For 16 years I taught myself through contact with Mao. Her energy network held no more secrets for me. I knew that by pressing any specific spot on her belly I could generate reactions at precise points all over her, on her ear, her whiskers, her paw, her tail or her neck...

As a young man, I developed an interest in human anatomy as well as in energy circuits. Then I put my self-taught experience into practice with my own body, and especially on my back, which regularly caused me pain.

After years spent in self-learning, I was taught by Gérard N'Guyen, osteopath, physiotherapist and acupuncturist, whom I saw twice a week for two years, and who initiated me into the principles of Chinese energy flow.
Putting these theories into practice on my own body, I found myself developing highly pitched sensitivity.

I discovered a very unusual skill that allowed me to use surrounding energy for myself and for those close to me in order to boost our well-being and recharge it with good energy.
The development of my abilities and the results my "special" know-how obtained among my close friends and relatives encouraged me to attend various courses in order to gain more practical experience.

As a result, in 2006 I started training in Shiatsu with Michel Odoul at the French Institute of Shiatsu, to begin with for 2 years, then in Psycho-energetics, Traditional Chinese Medicine, energetic Dietetics and Aromatherapy, followed by various Ayurvedic massage techniques such as traditional Abhyangas and Marmatherapy with Lyvia Serafini.

In 2014 I took the decision to develop my knowledge of the human body even further, which is why I traveled to the United States to follow an educational program specializing in anatomy and physiology, kinesiology and palpation, and also hydrotherapy within a long-term Holistic Massage Therapy Program accredited by the State of Florida. I obtained my State diploma on May 1st, 2015

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